This Friday is set to celebrate the anticipated brand launch of P.i.C Style, an ethical clothing label dedicated to consciously designing and lovingly creating beautiful pieces, made from locally sourced, sustainable and organic fabrics, which are never mass produced.

P.i.C Style was founded by two good friends with a big ambition; to rebel against unethical, fast fashion and to create high quality clothing that doesn’t harm humanity or the planet… and to make people look the height of chic whilst wearing it.

dalston peg_nottodiefor
{The Dalston Peg Trouser}

The label was born out of an obsession to do fashion the right way. “Put simply, people want to know where their clothes come from and who makes them”.

P.i.C are calling all online Influencers to invite them to their Brand Launch Party and Blogger Event on Friday 15th 2016 from 6:30m to 9:30pm at St Peter’s Church, Café / Terrace, De Beauvoir, London, L1 4DA.

Please RSVP to

PIC Invite

Latest collections and further company information can be found on the website.