I never imagined that I could get so excited over a bowl of muesli, after all it’s just dry, tasteless health food that resembles chewing sawdust, right? Wrong, oh so so wrong!

Since Rude Health kindly sent a box of their colourful goodies for Not To Die For to try out, I literally haven’t stopped raving about them and urging friends and family to give them whirl too.

Rude Health is a small London based food and drinks company with big things to say on the healthy food front. Co-founder Nick has written about why healthy eating is so vital to good health. His passion in getting his message across has developed into the ‘Eat Right’ cookbook, which is available to purchase from Amazon for just £19.99 (a perfect stocking filler for the health conscious friend or family member).

Nick and Camilla Barnard co-founded Rude Heath in 2005 on a mission to create ‘the world’s finest muesli’.  As a result of extensive recipe experimenting and taste tasting ‘The Ultimate Muesli’ was born.

Today their product range has grown to include drinks, porridges, smoothie oats, cereals, crackers, snacks and the ‘sprouted’ range.  All recipes are made using only the cleanest and healthiest wholefood ingredients with no artificial colours, preservatives or GMOs.

Rude Health’s fun branding and brightly coloured packaging is a true representation of what you can expect to find inside; clean and healthy ingredients which genuinely do make you feel full of energy and much brighter throughout the day.

Here’s what I’ve been eating over the last week…


The Ultimate Muesli and the Super Seed Organic Muesli
I’ve been eating a bowl (or two) of these mueslis every day over the last week for breakfast. Aside from the delicious flavours, what I’ve most enjoyed is how the muesli fills you up without making you bloated or resulting in that mid-morning slump, due to there not being any artificial ingredients or preservatives added. Rude Health’s muesli is deliciously sweet with crunchy nuts and chewy fruit pieces resulting in the ultimate satisfying texture.

Snack Bars
These small but energy-packed and flavoursome wheat and gluten free snack bars are ideal for those who are constantly on the go. I popped one in my pocket and was so grateful for a much-needed energy boost whilst attempting to battle Christmas shopping and relentless crowds.  They also pair perfectly with a mid-afternoon cuppa, a post energy-boosting work out snack or a healthy sweet treat to settle a late-night craving.
Sweet Potato and Cacao – Dates, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, sweet potato (8%), cacao powder (7%), cacao butter (6%), vanilla.
The Pumpkin – Dates, Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds, Apples, Cinnamon, Ginger
The Peanut – Dates, Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sea Salt
The Beetroot – Dates, Cashews, Beetroot, Sunflower Seeds.

4 Seedy Oat and Ginger and Turmeric Oaty Biscuits
I snacked on these and didn’t feel like I needed to add any toppings as the flavours were enough to enjoy on their own.  These biscuits also accompanied a cheese board, which was shared with friends and the resounding verdict was ‘absolutely delicious’. The ginger and turmeric biscuit was nothing quite like anything I’d tasted before and paired perfectly with vegan cheese.

I’m a huge fan of Rude Health and will definitely be purchasing their vegan products regularly and I highly recommend you try them out too.

Rude Health’s deliciously healthy products are available to buy online, in most major supermarkets and list of local stockists is available on the website.

For all latest news and updates, follow Rude Health on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Reviewed and written by Dawn Whittle, Founder and Editor.