Has anyone noticed how cleaning-crazy the internet has gone lately?

This house-keeping madness all seems to have been instigated by a certain Essex-based Instagrammer, Mrs Hinch, who shot to insta-fame in an astronomical fashion after she started storying about her favourite cleaning products and tips, resulting in a dedicated following of over a million, who she fondly refers to as her #HinchArmy.

You’ll know if you’ve caught the super-hinching bug too if your best friend has been replaced by a sponge called ‘Minkeh’ and you’ve started ‘putting your kitchen sink to bed’. (If you know, you know).

But a new-found love of cleaning can only be a positive thing, right? Not according to some media publications. While Mrs Hinch has been praised for motivating and helping those with mental health issues, she’s subsequently been accused of ‘dragging feminism back to the 1950s’ and ‘promoting female oppression at a time when women are fighting for equal pay and equality’.

Regardless of your opinion of Mrs Hinch and her army of squeaky clean followers, it’s another overriding issue that concerns us much more… the products she plugs.

While we noticed she favoured the vegan-friendly brand Astonish to ‘hinch’ her fridge recently, her other brands of choice are far from kind to the environment or animals.

If most people stopped and took a minute to really think about what’s in the cleaning products they’re using and the process they go through before they become consumer-ready, they’d likely think again.

Throughout Europe, an endless amount of animals including rats, hamsters, rabbits, and even dogs suffer and die in the continuous testing of household cleaning products (find out more at Cruelty Free International). There are also the toxic chemicals that damage the environment to consider.

While there are so many vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly alternatives, which are just as affordable and easily available, there’s really no excuse not to opt for these kinder brands instead…

BioD Toilet Cleaner, £2.45

ecoegg Laundry Egg, £12.99 to £24.99

Untitled design

Astonish Kitchen Cleaner, £(dependent on retailer)

Untitled design

Ecoleaf Dishwasher Tablets, £12.85

Untitled design

Ecozone Toilet Block, £6.99 

Untitled design


Faith in Nature Dishwasher Gel, £4.19
Untitled design

e-cloth Washing Up Pad, £2.99


What’s your favourite vegan and cruelty free cleaning product?