If there’s one food that constantly gets a bad wrap, it’s poor old Tofu.  Most turn their noses up at the thought of eating it and cite it as ‘weird’, ‘groce’ and ‘tasteless’.

Those opinions couldn’t be further from the truth. Tofu is actually one of the healthiest and most versatile ingredients in the world and when flavoured and cooked properly, one of the most delicious!

Tofu is produced by curdling and pressing soy milk into blocks and then cooling.  It originates from China, where it was discovered around 2000 years ago.  The super-food also boasts many health benefits being an excellent source of protein and amino acids, rich in iron, calcium and other micro-nutrients. It can be found in a range of consistencies from soft, firm, or extra firm and can be grilled, baked or fried.

A little preparation is needed when cooking with Tofu.  If you choose a soft version you have to drain it as will be tightly packed in water.  A common way of draining Tofu is to slice up the block, place a sheet of kitchen roll each side and a heavy object, such as a frying pan or a pile of cookbooks on top for at least half an hour.  Alternatively you can invest in a Tofuture Tofu Press, which is a lot easier and you can use it to marinate your block of Tofu once drained.

From Popcorn ‘Chick’n’ to ‘Fish’ and Chips, Tofu is a great ingredient to get creative and experimental with. If you need a little guidance and inspiration, try following these tasty vegan recipes that prove Tofu is one of the most exciting and tasty ingredients to get to know…

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