UK Sausage Week runs from 28th October to 3rd November. Meat butchers, manufacturers, retailers and trade associations will celebrate, “Everything Sausage-tastic“.

Yet, to dedicate a week of celebrating an innocent animal’s unnecessary pain and suffering is far beyond our comprehension.

The Cruel Truth Behind UK Sausage Week

Many undercover investigations into pig farming have revealed horrific conditions of animal suffering. Raising and slaughtering pigs for food is an unspeakably cruel and disturbing process.

Pigs are kept in shockingly disgusting indoor and crowded conditions. Overcrowding often leads to disease, infections abscesses and deformities. This means animals get sick and require drugs and medication.

Small piglets’ tails are cut off without anaesthetic or pain relief. Gentle sows are forcibly impregnated, whilst held in a metal rack. Whilst pregnant, they are forced to live in metal cages so small they have no room to move. Once they’re too exhausted to repeatedly give birth any longer, they’re sent to slaughter. This is when they’re no longer seen as a commercially viable commodity.

Pigs are highly intelligent, affectionate and maternal animals. Piglets are taken away from their grieving mothers so early that it causes digestive issues, making them sick. Their fate; to be driven on trucks in cramped conditions, often for miles and miles, in sheer terror, only to be slaughtered for the sake of pure greed.

Aside from being cruel, animal meat sausages are unimaginably disgusting. Ingredients often include blood, guts, organs, snout, ears and cheeks. Ketchup or mustard with that fact?

The Kind Alternative

Veganism has exploded on to the shelves of major supermarkets over the past couple of years. Plant-based foods continue to evolve, and these kinder alternatives are becoming so similar to the taste and texture of their animal-based counterparts, most meat-eaters wouldn’t even notice the difference.

So, why choose a cruel and unethical option, when we can choose kindness, without having to sacrifice money, quality or taste?

What is Vegan Sausage Made of?

Vegan sausages are most commonly made from wheat gluten. This is the same gluten that is used to make bread. However, gluten-free vegan sausages are also available, our particular favourites are Meatless Farms meat-free sausages.

The Best Vegan Sausages

There are no excuses left. Mash some potatoes or get buns at the ready! Celebrate UK Sausage Week with these mouthwatering, juicy and delicious VEGAN alternatives!

Richmond Meat- Free Sausages, available at most major supermarkets.

Richmond Meat Free Sausages

Marinated Smoky Maple Bacon by Tofurky

vegan bacon


No Pork Sausoyges by Marks and Spencer

 No Pork Sausoyges by Marks and Spencer

Cumberland Shroomdogs by Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg 

vegan sausages


Meat-Free Lincolnshire Style Sausages by V-Bites

vegan sausages

Outrageously Succulent Sausages by Linda McCartney

vegan sausages

Meat Free Sausages by The Meatless Farm Co

vegan sausages

Vegan Breakfast Sausage by Heck

vegan sausages

Varied Vegan Sausages by Gosh!

vegan sausages

Spicy Chorizo Sausages by Veg In Vegan

Vegan Cumberland Sausages by Quorn

Visit Viva! to find out more about their campaigns around pig farming.

Visit Happyfields Animal Sanctuary to see how pigs should be living out their lives.