Sizzling, juicy, herby sausages. Mouth-watering burgers, dripping with melted cheese and loaded with onions. Succulent, flame-grilled, marinated chicken fillets. Delicious, spicy, skewered kebabs.

This is not just a list of tastebud-tingling BBQ food, this is a list of tastebud-tingling vegan BBQ food…

There was a time when BBQ invites were politely declined by many of us vegans. This year, we’re beyond excited for vegan BBQ season to begin!

The mere suggestion of a meat-free BBQ may have once caused confusion and hilarity. Thankfully, brands and supermarkets have seriously upped their game. It’s easier than ever to host an impressive al-fresco dining party, with all the flavour and none of the cruelty.

Today, the choice of meat alternatives are plentiful, not to mention, incredibly similar in taste and texture to their animal-based counterparts.

From the main event to dairy-free condiments, these are our favourite vegan BBQ foods and recipes that won’t fail to impress your veggie and meat-eating friends alike!

  • Fresh Plant-Based Sausages, by Meatless Farm

    The perfect summer BBQ sausage, packed with flavour and texture.

  • No Bull Quarter Pounder Burgers, Iceland Foods

    Tender, tasty, meat-free patties. Even the carnivores can’t deny how amazing these are!

  • Vegan Fillet Kebab Skewers, by Quorn 

    Turn your vegan Quorn chicken fillets into spicy, zingy skewered kebabs.

  • Extra Firm Organic Tofu, by Cauldron

    Spice up your BBQ with Cauldron’s Chimichurri Tofu Skewers, with Argentinian herb sauce, find the recipe here.

  • Vegan Pulled Pork Burgers, Linda McCartney

    Sweet, smokey, more-ish. These juicy vegan pulled pork burgers will leave your BBQ guests craving more!

  • Vegan May-O, by Chippa

    What’s a burger without a decent dollop of vegan mayo? Chippa’s is gluten, egg and dairy free.

  • Wheaty Vegan Organic Chorizo Sausages, from Ocado

    A twist on the traditional BBQ sausage, zing it up with these vegan chorizo sausages, with plenty of mustard in a bun.

  • Janda Burger Sauce, from The Food Market

    Full of flavour and made with care. This egg and dairy free sauce is the ideal accompaniment for livening up your burgers.

  • Vegan Cheese Slices, by Violife 

    Melted on top of your juicy, flame-grilled vegan burgers… need we say more?

  • Vegan Revolution Burgers, by Move Over Meat 

    The ‘bleeding’ burger, all of the texture and none of the cruelty.

  • The Beet Goes On Sausages, by Heck

    A mouthwatering mix of beetroot, horseradish, carrot, sunflower seeds and broccoli slaw.

Check out our round-up of vegan sausages to add to your vegan BBQ shopping list.