Don’t you just love those times of the year when it’s totally acceptable to over-indulge 0n sweets? It’s just one of the many reasons why we love Halloween!

Aside from rotting your teeth and your expanding your waistline, the scariest thing about sweets is a certain nasty ingredient, called gelatine. Similar to Halloween, it’s pretty scary and really disgusting.

What is Gelatine?

Feasting on boiled tendons, cartilage, skin and bones sounds like a gruesome scene from a scary movie! However, most sweets are (disturbingly) produced using this very process.

After animals have been sent to slaughter for food or leather, gelatine is then created from the left-overs, which in itself doesn’t bear thinking about! This stomach-churning by-product is then used as a thickening agent to give sweets their jelly consistency.

Usually derived from pigs or cows, gelatine can also be found in a number of beauty products… so always check your cosmetics labels, folks!

Plant-Based Gelatine Alternatives

But don’t fear, our sweet-toothed vegan fiends! There are a few much kinder plant-based alternatives to gelatine. The most common is known as Agar, a mix of carbohydrates derived from red algae seaweed. A healthier and far less revolting ingredient for making sweets!

Our Favourite Vegan Sweets

With the spookiest day in the calendar just around the corner, we’ve rounded up a list of sweets suitable for vegans (or for those put off at the thought of chewing on boiled bones!).

Whether you decide to share them with pesky Trick or Treaters or keep them all to yourself, you too can enjoy a sweet treat on Halloween completely conscious free.

Dracula Teeth, Rainbow Sweets and Treats

vegan halloween sweets

Biona Organic Mini Fruit Bears, Ocado

Biona Organic Mini Fruit Bears, Ocado 

Fizzy Fangs, Sainsbury’s
Vegan Sweets Sainsburys
Clear Fruits, Waitrose

vegan sweets waitrose

Colin the Caterpillar Range, Marks and Spencer

vegan sweets

Sour Watermelon, Candy Kittens
candy kittens vegan sweets

Fruitella Koalas, My Vegan Supermarket 

vegan sweets

Skittles Chewies Fruits Sweets, most supermarkets

vegan sweets

Mini Pink and White Freedom Marshmallows, My Vegan Supermarket

vegan sweets

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