Fish belong in the sea. (A simple fact that many people still can’t seem to grasp).

Although sushi doesn’t actually mean raw fish, it’s more than likely that if you were to pick up a box from a supermarket shelf or visit a sushi restaurant it would come accompanied with raw fish.

Sushi actually means vinegared rice, and there are many, many vegan options to try out. Take a look at these easy and fun recipes, delicious proof that you can enjoy sushi and leave our little sea creature friends where they belong… IN. THE. SEA.

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Quinoa sushi rolls by

California and teriyaki tofu sushi on

Avocado sushi rolls on
avocado sushi roll recipe

Homemade veggie sushi rolls, on

Cucumber and avocado sushi rolls on

Fun to make and really healthy! Let us know if you decide to try a few vegan sushi ideas over on our Facebook page.

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