Because shopping cosy vegan jumpers is always a good way to spend a cold and rainy day.

Nothing beats hunkering down, drinking endless cups of tea and shopping online for a bit of well-deserved self-indulgence.

Most of us would rather be on the hunt for a pair of flip-flops and summer dresses. But cosy jumpers are staying firmly-put in the wardrobe for the next few chilly months ahead.

However, there are a few reasons why we should consider man-made fibres over wool. Aside from woolly jumpers being unbearably itchy, it can be an unspeakably cruel process.

Why do Vegans Avoid Wool?

Most important, is knowing where the wool used to make your jumper comes from. Just 2% of the world’s wool is produced in Britain. The leading providers are Australia, followed by China, America and New Zealand. Above all, importing wool from overseas has a detrimental impact on the environment. And animal welfare standards tend to be much lower in these countries too.

The Independent reported that a wool jumper is as cruel as a mink coat. The article shared video footage released by Peta. Investigators filmed over 30 farms and woolsheds in America and Australia. As a result, the video highlighted horrendous cruelty to innocent and gentle sheep, all for the sake of a woolly jumper.

What is Vegan Wool?

Vegan wool mainly stems from plant-derived textiles. The most common fabric is organic cotton, a super-soft, lightweight and breathable alternative.

There are so many high-quality, affordable, vegan jumpers available today. It’s unjustifiable to choose the crueller option of animal-derived wool. The only problem is choosing which one!

Our Favourite Vegan Jumpers to Buy Right Now.

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