Choosing your wedding stationery is one of the loveliest parts of planning your wedding.  It’s a chance to let your creativity flow, a time to express your unique personalities and set the tone for the big day.

If your planning an eco-friendly wedding then there are a few factors to consider when choosing your stationery designer.

We asked the extremely talented Justine from Paperchain Wedding Stationery to share her top tips for keeping your invitations environmentally friendly, stylish and unique to you.

  • Browse Paperchain’s wedding stationery collections here

  • Browse Paperchain’s wedding stationery collections here

  • Browse Paperchain’s wedding stationery collections here

We are delighted to feature you and your beautiful designs on Not To Die For.  Could you tell us how and when Paperchain all started out?

It was actually an accident, a lovely accident I must say. I have been a graphic designer for the past 20 years when my sister asked if I could design her wedding stationery for her. I designed a full set of stationery for her wedding day and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Then when I got married I of course designed my own wedding stationery, I received so many great compliments on both sets that I decided to set up Paperchain Wedding Stationery.

Why are environmental issues so important to you as a graphic designer?

Taking care of our environment is immensely important to me and I constantly bemused and saddened by how badly we, as a human race treat our planet and the creatures living on it. As a graphic designer who produces paper goods I do realise that I have a responsibility to treat environmental issues seriously.

What do you do to minimise your impact on the environment?

All of the paper stock that we use is FSC approved and all our digital printing consumables are backed by great recycling schemes. A few years ago I decided that this wasn’t really enough and decided to launch a range of wedding stationery that is produced on 100% recycled paper, supplied with 100% recycled envelopes. I have been thrilled that these are now my best selling collections.

Why do you think it’s so important for Brides and Grooms to choose ethical wedding suppliers?

I do believe that if everyone does their little bit to consider the environment it will go a long way. Choosing to buy, for example, recycled wedding stationery gives a message to all of the wedding guests. If any of those guests then choose to do the same it has achieved more.

What key factors should Brides and Grooms consider when designing their stationery?

My best bit of advice for any Bride and Groom is choose wedding stationery that reflects the style of their wedding and more importantly that reflects a little bit of their personality. They should always have stationery that THEY LOVE and not what they think that they should have!

When should Save the Date and wedding invites be sent out?

Save the Date cards can be sent out as far in advance as the bride and groom wish. They are usually sent out between 6 and 12 months before the big day. Save the Date cards are a great way to share the excitement early on, they can also be a great way of giving the guests a sneak peak of what is to come. More importantly they give guests plenty of time to organise for the big day. For bride and grooms with lots of overseas guests they can be sent out even earlier to allow for travel arrangements etc.

We usually advise our Brides and Grooms to send out their wedding invitations around 6 months before the big day and to always order extra blank invites (no names printed) for any last minute guest changes! We also always supply a number extra blank envelopes free of charge when we deliver invitations, as going on first hand experience it is so easy to make mistakes when writing names and addresses on envelopes. We have had many thank you notes about this!

What process do you go through with Brides and Grooms when creating their stationery?

We offer a bespoke wedding stationery service and have a great range of pre-designed collections. Even on our pre-designed collections nothing is fixed and we can change colours, typefaces and format of the stationery at no extra cost. We always work very closely with all of our Bride and Grooms, creating their perfect wedding stationery is paramount to us. We always aim to make them feel like no request is impossible and they are never a nuisance, no matter how many tweaks they make!

Who inspire you?

I take inspiration from the world around me wherever I am, out waking and even shopping. I admire the designer Orla Kiely, her use of pattern and colour is amazing. Another fashion designer that I take huge inspiration from is Elie Saab, I look forward to his new collections every season! Our wedding stationery collection ‘Sparkle’ was inspired by one of his spring/summer collections.

Do you have a favourite all time stationery project that you have worked on?

I love designing new stationery, our recycled range is definitely my favourite and I look forward to adding more collections to this range.

When you’re not designing, what do you do in your spare time?

I love spending time outdoors. I am very lucky to live in the countryside. I spend as much time as possible walking my dog and exploring the countryside with my family.

If you’d like to speak to Justine about creating your ethical wedding stationery, call her on 0116 318 3634.

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