The second the cold weather sets in, my skin dries, my hands chap and my lips crack. I’m constantly on the lookout for creams, balms and moisturisers that are suitable for my sensitive and allergy prone skin. It is essential that they are natural, vegan and cruelty free and actually do what they promise – a wish list that isn’t always easy to fulfill.

This year, however, I’ve come across an amazing skincare product that meets all of the above requirements and better still, doubles up as a hydrating moisturiser, nourishing lip balm and a soothing hand cream all in one.

Rachel Dunseath founded Myroo Skincare after living a life of allergies. She was determined to create a skincare range that really worked and was suitable for all skin types including the hyper-sensitive.

All of Myroo’s products are hand-made in Harrogate, Yorkshire, using natural and organic ingredients. They are 100% plant based, vegan, cruelty free and free from gluten, nut and dairy. Products are created with less than 10 ingredients, all specifically chosen for the powerful benefits they bring to your skin.

Myroo’s current award winning range includes cleansers, serums and balms, which are all cosmetic and food allergen free and can also be made fragrance free.

I sampled the Raspberry and Cucumber Superfood Balm, packed with plant based vitamins and antioxidants. It is so versatile that I’ve used it to moisturise the dry patches on my face, soothe my chapped hands and as a lip balm.  It can also be used to smooth hair, as an overnight mask for tired skin or melted into a massage oil.


The beautiful packaging and sleek branding gives the impression of an expensive, high end, luxury item but with the range starting at just £8.00 for a mini and the most expensive item priced at only £30.00 it’s very reasonable.  Plus a tiny bit goes a very long way and I can see my 40g jar lasting me a good 2-3 months yet.

The Raspberry and Cucumber Superfood Balm smells as good as it sounds. It’s fresh, sweet and clean with a beautiful super-soft texture that melts into your skin like a dream without leaving a greasy, oily or sticky residue.

I’ve been using the Superfood Balm all week and my skin already feels softer, smoother and more nourished.  I’ll definitely be a returning customer, plus the newly launched range of minis make for a perfect stocking filler to add to your Christmas gift list!

Myroo Skincare’s beautiful products are available to purchase on the website and from selected stockists including John Lewis in Leeds.

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Reviewed and written by Dawn Whittle, Founder and Editor.