I’m not usually one to make New Year’s resolutions but this year I’ve promised myself that I’ll get back to doing my daily Pilates and improve my diet by cutting down on the usual offenders such as carbs, sugar and alcohol.

Although I’m vegan, it doesn’t always mean that I’m healthy.  When life gets a bit hectic it’s all too easy to reach for an unhealthy snack, like a packet of crisps over a piece of fruit or opt for oven chips rather than fresh steamed veg in the evening.

If you’ve also vowed to clean up your dietary-act this year, believe me when I say it doesn’t mean sacrificing your favourite chocolatey treats, especially when you discover ones that are as healthy as they are delicious.

OMBAR produce unbelievably tasty chocolate in a variety of unique and amazing flavours. Their bars and buttons are made from the highest quality raw cacao and natural ingredients so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without a side helping of guilt because they’re actually good for you too.

OMBAR source their raw chocolate from the best cocoa farms in Ecuador.  They work closely with their suppliers to ensure the whole supply chain is treated fairly.  Only the finest and healthiest ingredients are used, including unrefined coconut sugar, real fruit and live cultures. The bars are minimally processed to ensure as much goodness as possible is maintained.

While I’m a lover of bitter, dark chocolate I do miss the sweet creaminess of milk chocolate once in a while. When I first tried OMBAR’s chocolate I was really surprised to find how sweet, smooth and creamy it tasted considering it’s completely dairy free and raw.

These handy little bars and packets of buttons are ideal for people on the go who need a mid-afternoon pick me up or as an evening sweet treat enjoyed with a cuppa.

I sampled the following 8 bars and 2 packets of buttons (and nope, I didn’t feel guilty afterwards)…

Raspberry and Coconut Centre
The dark chocolate combined with the fluffy, tangy raspberry and sweet coconut centre is an absolute dream. The chocolate melts in your mouth with a smooth and luxurious texture.

Coconut and Vanilla Centre
A more subtle taste to the raspberry and coconut centre. This bar tastes really coconutty and decadently creamy.

Coco Mylk
This is one of OMBAR’s best sellers and it’s plain to see why.  A creamy, smooth chocolate with a hint of caramel which comes from the natural coconut sugar.  It tastes like it could be a dairy chocolate bar but instead of all the nastiness, it’s packed full of natural antioxidants, flavanols and live cultures.

Strawberry Mylk
It’s the sharp, tangy hit of the strawberry centre which hits you first with this one. A totally delicious taste bud tingler.

90% Raw Cacao
This is the type of chocolate bar I’d normally reach for, dark and intense! 90% chocolate bars usually have a bitter after-taste but this solid bar is still smooth and creamy due to the rich cocoa butter and natural coconut sugar.

72% Raw Cacao
This bar is made using only 4 ingredients, which is surprising considering how flavoursome it is. A little less intense than the 90% bar with a hint of fruit.

Cranberry and Mandarin
This flavour is amazing, like something I’ve never quite tasted before.  It’s sweet, tangy, smooth and creamy and quite possibly my favourite.

OMBAR BUTTONS Coco Mylk and 72% Raw
The chocolate buttons for grown ups! These are so delicious paired with a mid afternoon cuppa.  They are really sweet and deliciously creamy yet made from probiotics so actually are really healthy.

  • A mid afternoon delicious and healthy treat.

    A mid afternoon delicious and healthy treat.

OMBAR Chocolate is delicious, ethical and unique.  If you’re vegan, on a health kick or just a total chocoholic then you really need to try out their bars and buttons.  Find your nearest stockist here.

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Reviewed and written by Dawn Whittle, Founder and Editor.