I would always opt for a bottle of shower gel over a bar of soap given the choice.  Washing with soap has always resulted in my skin feeling dry and tight whereas shower gels or creams tend to be much more hydrating and moisturising.

That was until a couple of weeks ago before I discovered Sabai Soaps, a natural soap brand who have completely changed my mind and skincare routine, for the better.

Sabai Soaps was founded last year by Gavin Thorpe as a result of travelling and falling in love with Asia. His inspirational story can be read here.  All products are handmade in Thailand with 100% natural, vegan ingredients and packed with rich essential oils and vitamins.

I sampled the Kaffir Lime soap (Kaffir Lime has been used for skincare in Asia for generations). It was wrapped beautifully in delicate Thai-inspired biodegradable paper with a refreshing citrus scent. The soap is created from just three natural ingredients;

  • Rice Bran Oil which is rich in antioxidants, vitamin B and natural emollients. It hydrates and protects from UV rays, helps to ward off signs of ageing and can help to lower cholesterol.
  • Vitamin E, a nutrient and antioxidant that protects skin, smooths fine lines and wrinkles and keeps skin tight, healthy and firm.
  • Kaffir Lime Juice, which keeps skin looking fresh and young by slowing the breakdown of cells to minimise the appearance of age marks, scars and pimples.

{Kaffir Lime 100g Handmade Soap, £5.25}

What I really loved was how it foamed up into a creamy lather while the natural ingredients acted as a gentle exfoliator leaving my skin feeling smooth, refreshed and hydrated. Something I never expected to experience from a soap!  It also smells good enough to eat. I’ve been using the soap for two weeks and it’s still as fresh as it was when I first opened it.

Sabai Soaps have definitely converted me into a soap-lover with their beautiful products and I can’t wait to try the rest of their handmade soaps which includes Green Seaweed, Orange Spice, Lemongrass, Mangosteen, a Revitalise Handmade Gift Set and a Sesame Scrub. All of these would make for perfect stocking fillers, especially with free shipping on all orders available between now and Christmas.


What I really admire most about this brand are their high standard of their work ethics. They give back to the Thai community and everyone involved is paid a fair wage in good working conditions.  They are firm believers in organic and sustainable development and give 20% of profits to charities and NGO’s in and around Thailand. Visit their Our Giving page to find out more.

I would highly recommend Sabai Soaps, especially for those with eczema prone, dry or sensitive skin.

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