We may not be able to visit Byron Bay, but we can replicate the beautiful interiors at home!

Most British homes aren’t cut out for hot, muggy summer days. There is a notable lack of breezy aircon, cold marble floors, and backyard swimming pools to cool off in.

If you’re looking to create a laid-back and cooler vibe in your home this summer, take inspiration from the fresh, minimalist and boho-inspired interiors of Byron Bay.

We’re particularly longing to book a one-way ticket to The Bower

The Bower Byron Bay

Whitewash walls, oversized botanics and natural organic materials come together to create a stylish, cool and refreshing decor. Perfect for chilling out in, during stifling hot weather.

Our budget doesn’t quite stretch to building a plunge pool in the garden or moving to a coastal mansion with a sea-view. Instead, we can start introducing a few wallet-friendly and ethically made items into our home, for a little taste of Byron Bay.

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