Whilst recently browsing the homeware section of a large high street department store for a present for my Mum (a stag print cushion to be precise) I was pretty shocked, even a bit upset to see that every single cushion I picked up was eiderdown. 

It could  quite possibly have been ethically sourced eiderdown, but I highly doubted it and I wanted to be safe in the knowledge that my Mum’s stag print cushion was a compassionate cushion! I wasn’t prepared to spend another second let alone hard earned cash on anything that was filled with eiderdown so I left to go in search of some cruelty free, non-down products.

Eiderdown (soft feathers from the breast of the female eider duck) is commonly used to stuff duvets, pillows, jackets and cushions. Sometimes cushions are stuffed with a combination of down and feathers and that’s pretty nasty for anyone who suffers from allergies and sensitive skin… but even nastier for the poor bird from which it originated.

Down shouldn’t be seen as a luxury and it’s certainly not necessary with so many high quality synthetic materials available these days.

Check out these seriously stylish, snuggly alternatives and you too can put that eiderdown – DOWN!Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 20.37.06
Debenhams, luxury soft duvet with hollowfibre filling with a polyester microfibre cover, £24.00

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 20.39.38
Ikea, pillows and duvets, filling: 50% lyocell, 50% polyester / fabric: 55% lyocell, 45% cotton, £40.00

Matalan, duvet with 100% mixed fibres, filling 100% polyester, £20.00

Zara, microfibre pillows, £9.99 – £19.00

Next, pillows, cover 100% polyester, filling 100% polyester, £15.00

Etsy, polycotton, cotton thread and waterbase Ink cushion, £26.91

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 21.07.43
Urban Outfitters, 100% woven cotton, cushion, £45.00Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 21.41.39
Next 52% polyester 48% cotton, cushion, £18.00CP_05_T47_7423_J4_X_EC_0
Marks and Spencer
, cushion filled with recycled polyester inner, £25.00

, 100% polyester, cushion, £8.00

What’s keeping you warm this winter and where do you buy your non-down soft and snuggly things from?