Today marks ‘Blue Monday’ the most depressing day of the year, according to a formula that was scientifically calculated and created by Cardiff University.  January always feels a bit gloomy, what with the festive holidays somewhat of a distant memory, Christmas debts still looming and the miserable grey, wet weather.

As tempting as it is to close the door on the world and opt for a duvet day over a busy commute to work, it’s important for your mental and physical health to get up, get out and beat those Monday blues.

Here are our top 10 tips…

1. Meditate
Find somewhere quiet, take five minutes to focus on your breathing and bring some peace and mindfulness in to your day. Download the Calm app, close your eyes and let the soothing sounds relax your busy mind.

2. Transform your bathroom into a tranquil spa
A long soak in a hot bath is the perfect way to end a stressful day.  Pamper yourself with a luxurious Radiant Glow Vegan and Organic Face Mask by Evolve Beauty, some mood-lifting, fruity bath foam by Faith in Nature and lather up with some exotic smelling Sabai soaps.

3. Eat chocolate
Just because Ombar chocolate tastes incredibly sweet, creamy and indulgent it certainly doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. In fact the complete opposite, as Ombar is made from the highest quality raw cacao and natural ingredients you can satisfy your sweet tooth without that side helping of guilt.

4. Exercise 
Get out in the fresh air, down the gym or in the comfort of your own home and do some exercise. This will get your blood pumping and your body producing endorphins making you feel happier, energized and much better about yourself.

5. Round up friends for a night of Mocktails
Don’t suffer Blue Monday alone when everyone else is feeling the same. Round up your mates for some healthy mocktails… or forget the detox and enjoy some not-so-healthy boozy cocktails!

6. Get an early night
Climbing in to brand new luxurious nightwear and a fresh bed for an early night means waking up feeling fresh tomorrow and forgetting that Blue Monday ever even happened.

7. Treat yourself
Lift your mood by heading to the January sales! Treat yourself to bargains galore, like a new vegan and cruelty free foundationmake up brush or mascara.

8. Eat out tonight
Who needs to slave over a hot stove and face a pile of washing up at the end of Blue Monday?  Book a table at one of these 40 veggie and vegan restaurants and look forward to delicious food, drinks and top customer service.

9. Glam up
A new outfit never fails to lift the spirit. Check out our hand picked selection of the most beautiful pieces that are suitable for the office, a night out or paired with your favourite jeans. Plus they’re created by ethically minded brands so you’ll feel even better that you’re helping to give back too!

10. Book a getaway
A change is as good as a rest so plan a getaway to look forward to. Check out our recent round up of vegan friendly accommodation from Penzance up to the Scottish Highlands and beyond to find your perfect, office escapism.

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