Nothing pleases us more than hearing about new vegan businesses starting up! So we were delighted when we heard about Pastalian; a new vegan pasta brand.

Founded by student, Nicola Raimondo, who is on a mission to make her ethical and healthy food affordable for busy people and for those on-the-go.

Nicola tells us more about her new brand, her mission and how we can help her vegan dreams come true.

Pastalian looks absolutely delicious! Can you tell us a bit more about your new brand?

Thanks for your compliment! However, our aim is not only to be a delicious food brand, but also to be ethical with vegan options and removing plastic from any packaging we use. We believe that, as a society, we do not necessarily need to give up on the pleasures of life to save the planet and to be better/more responsible people. Pastalian aims to be traditional and authentic in its food taste and preparation following the strictest Italian tradition while being extremely healthy and ethical.

How did Pastalian come about? Are you a professional vegan chef?

My area of expertise is in cooking Italian food, as I am Italian and I lived most of my life there. In Italy, I learned and studied Italian cooking and experienced real traditional food, whereas in Britain I opened my eyes to veganism and healthy food that prompted me to evolute my recipes to be healthier, vegan and even tastier!

How and why is Pastalian different from other pasta brands? 

There are no other Ready-to-Eat Pasta brands with such focus on Tradition, Health, and on being Vegan, let alone all this at the same time! Our benefit is not only being convenient; while our prices are low and the meals are Ready-to-Eat, we do not mediocrity! Our pasta is fully handmade and follows ancient processes to make it a pasta that is out of competition with any other Ready-to-Eat Pasta brands. Ready-to-eat brands have become a synonym for low quality, especially the pasta options where the pasta is overcooked and sauce is simply inappropriate and offensive to most Italians…yeah I know…Italians like me are very protective of their food!!! Bottom line is that we are local, not industrial, we are a pasta company, not a sandwich company making pasta on the side…

Why is it so important to you that Pastalian is vegan and ethically sourced?

I just could not start a company that would contribute to animal slaughterings and suffering. The pain would simply outweigh all the benefits of the Pasta. It had to be vegan to make a statement: cruelty on animals cannot go on. Pasta has an incredible benefit of being incredibly tasty even without meat, the vegan options and recipes are simply endless!

What are your future plans for Pastalian?

We will start selling our Pasta to Nottingham’s local cafés and University of Nottingham’s Spar this August. We will also attend various food shows such as the BBC Good Food Summer Show, that we just attended, and various food/farmers’ markets!

How can people help you make your dream come true?

We actually are currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where we reward our supporters with amazing prizes!

It really is a great way for us to connect with both local and worldwide audience to raise funds to support us and start a great conversation while giving us great satisfaction to reward the amazing support received! Italian cooking secrets, Masterclasses, complimentary Pasta and more as rewards!

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