Art has been used as a form of creative and symbolic expressionism since the beginning of time.

From prehistoric cave etchings, to the Peruvian Desert’s mysterious Nasca drawings, believed to be over two thousand years old and, as conspiracy would have it, created by beings from another planet!

Throughout the years, there have been many different eras of art. The Impressionists gave us a romanticised and abstract view of the world, a stark contrast to the works produced by The Surrealists, the most notable, Salvador Dali, with his eery melting clock faces and other-worldly landscapes. 

Today, a new era of art is emerging. Animal activists across the world are putting pen to paper and expressing their views on animal rights and welfare, or the lack of.  Vegan Art is created in different forms, from cute illustrations to graphic images, yet all carry the same hard-hitting and heartbreaking message.  

Art suppliers are also becoming more aware of the importance of cruelty free and vegan art materials. And today’s artists are especially conscious of the need to produce ethically made work.

Here are a few of our favourite pieces and inspirational artists to follow on Instagram.